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00 ANSWERS Part I (”regular exercises”) Exercise 1 (6%).

If X is a random variable that always takes non-negative, integer values, (we’ll refer to this as a discrete random variable) then we can write the expected value of X as: Definition of expected value, form 1: E[X] = X1 i=0 Pr[X.

pdf), Text File (. Discrete mathematics provides concepts that are fundamental to computer science but also other dis-ciplines. Discrete Mathematics Equations cheat sheet - Free download as Open Office file (.

Cartesian Products AKA Cross Product Given 2 sets, A and B, a Cartesian Product is.

He was solely responsible in ensuring that sets had a home in mathematics. 3. .

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Hauskrecht Basic counting rules • Counting problems may be hard, and easy solutions are not obvious • Approach: – simplify the.

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Lectures •Logic. Overview.

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. 3. Discrete Mathematics Cheat Sheet Draft.

. 3. . 2KB. This course will roughly cover the following topics and speci c applications in computer science.

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{a,b}⊂{a,b,c} {c,d}̸⊂{c,d} ∅⊂{x,y,z} Power Sets. the roll of a die).

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Mathematical Induction This sort of problem is solved using mathematical induction.

Examples of well-founded relations (N;<).